Hi, Riddlewithme.xyz is owned by Lenkhohao who really likes riddles.

Around 2014, was when I came across it by accident because I wanted to be better at solving problems. A thing I can tell you about myself is that I was and still not a bright student.

I have studied quite a lot and still am studying about them.

I still would come across something new once in a while then the only thing I would have in my mind is to solve or learn the riddles

I guess I have learned enough to turn it into a website 🙂

This is made for information or knowledge purposes only.

I hope you find or learn something useful from it.

It may not be the complete/best collection but the best thing I can do is to keep adding to the website whenever I learn something new

I hope you like it


You can reach me through this E-mail

riddlewithme.xyz@gmail.com (Business)

I hope you understand I don’t feel like sharing my personal email